Watercolor paintings by Demo Artist.

This will be a demo site called "art demo." Trying an all CSS layout is tricky here. Worse than differences in image sizes, is great variations in their "aspect ratios." The best solution would be to resize images.

For this layout, we added <div class="picbox"> to MultiFrame Slideshow JavaScript from Dynamic Drive.

This sample demo page is objects/multiFrameSlide.html; for random loaded images, see indexRandom.html. See also indexCol.html (which has columns), indexRow.html (which has columns and rows), index.htm (which features a Javascript slideshow), indexTable.html (experimenting with image sizing and positioning), and indexCSS.html (another CSS layout).

Credits:  (1) Web design and animation by Denise deGoumois http://www.auntnini.com.
(2) Free multi-frame slideshow JavaScript provided by Dynamic Drive.

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