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Watercolor paintings by Demo Artist.

This will be a demo site called "art demo." Trying an all CSS layout is tricky here. Worse than differences in image sizes, is great variations in their "aspect ratios." Here we have a "conveyor-belt" script for thumbnails and an IFRAME to display images.

This was to be original proposal for JM, using her images herein displayed for demo purposes only.

Conveyor-belt slideshow from

 thumb 01    thumb 02    thumb 03    thumb 04    thumb 05    thumb 06    thumb 07

For this layout, we used :


This sample demo page is landscape/inexIframe.html. See also floral/indexRow.html, indexCol.html (which does not use rows), index.htm (which features a Javascript slideshow), indexTable.html (experimenting with image sizing and positioning), and indexCSS.html (another CSS layout).

Credits:   (1)   Web design and animation by Denise deGoumois
  (2)   Javascript for conveyor-belt slideshow from  

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